Random Acts of Kindness

February 10th to 16th was Random Acts of Kindness week. Our always-kind staff had the chance to share some extra kindness that week: two lost-dog returns within days of one another.

Sidney (the dog, not the Monk Office location)

Sidney, a brown Labrador from North Cowichan, was picked up by her owner early yesterday afternoon. Sidney’s story begins with Susan Mitchell, our Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing, who noticed the dog limping through her neighbourhood. The animal was approachable, and being dog owners themselves, the Mitchells were concerned and thought she might be injured, so they took Sidney into their home.

Sidney bore a collar, so the Mitchells knew she must belong to someone. The collar included a tag that noted the animal was from North Cowichan. A few phone calls to the CRD and North Cowichan animal shelter later, the dog tag number and Sidney’s owner had been tracked down and told Sidney was safe.

Sidney was not injured, but she does have terrible hip dysplasia. The owners were in Victoria visiting a relative in the hospital when Sidney, a farm dog used to ambling around large spaces, wandered off. Given Sidney’s condition, the owners hoped she had not gone too far. Thanks to the Mitchells, Sidney was found, fed, watered, and returned to her family.

Once again, our sincere thanks go out to the North Cowichan animal shelter and the CRD for their help.



That is only the first Random-Act-of-Kindness; the second is another “found-dog” story.

This story started on Facebook. Jaime Wilson, member of our technology team, had seen this “found-dog” picture on IKAN Installations’ Facebook page. She shared the photo on her Facebook timeline.

Dee Lojstrup-Woolman, one of our customer service representatives, saw the photo, and then checked victorialostpets.com. Dee found this listing, called the number listed, and within 30 minutes animal and owner were reunited.

We hope you join us in thanking Susan Mitchell, North Cowichan Animal Shelter, the CRD, Jaime Wilson, Dee Lojstrup-Woolman, IKAN Installations, and victorialostpets.com.

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