Faster, Higher, Stronger: Our New E-Commerce Platform is Coming Soon!

Women's_Super_G_podium_at_Whistler_Creekside_closeup You know how in the Olympics, we expect to see performance improve year after year?  The excitement comes not only with a winner crossing the finish line, but also setting new world records in the process.  It’s the same with businesses.

We’ve noticed lately that, while our MyClips e-commerce platform has been working away for several years, it’s getting pretty tired. And like any Olympic champion at the end of a long reign, it’s time for our old platform to step off the podium and let the next generation take performance to a whole new level.

Coming this spring, we’re very excited to announce that you can order from Monk using a new e-commerce platform that will help YOU perform at your best!   Whether you are at your desk or on the fly, our new system will take you smoothly from searching for what you need, to selecting the features you want, to checkout and delivery.  We think this new initiative will have you looking for someone to high-five!

At Monk, we believe in performance – but we’re not in it for the medals.  We are changing our platform in order to live up to our promise to be The Helpful Office People.


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