Cable-less Computing

CableTangle2_June10_blogThe age of contending with a rat’s nest of cables just to find a power outlet is almost over. Intel intends to eliminate cables from PCs by 2016.

Reporting from Computex 2014, Seamus Byrne of writes:

“…Intel’s Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group, demonstrated wireless display, docking and charging features that will close the loop on the final few mandatory cables in the typical PC environment.”

Monitors and other peripherals will connect using a wireless information transfer system called WiGig that automatically connects peripherals when they come into range. Synchronizing computer operations and peripherals will be no problem thanks to up to 7 gigabytes per second data transfer speed.

Wireless power transfer will no longer be a sci-fi dream. Intel demonstrated a system called Resenze that can charge devices through up to 2-inches of wood – perfect for existing desks and those of the future.

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