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Computer tune ups are a vital part of performance. We offer tune ups year-round, and they are available for a sale price until the end of July.

So what is a computer tune up? It is broken into five parts, each with a unique effect on the machine’s performance.

Hard drive defragmentation

Fragmentation occurs when parts of a file are saved in different areas of the hard drive. It’s like having two files for one thing in two different buildings! Typically hard drives save data on disks in a similar manner to the bumps and ridges in CDs and vinyl records, so fragmented data is literally in a different physical location on a disc.

Defragmentation finds data that is far away from related data, and moves it closer. It is then easier for the computer’s operating system to find and retrieve data necessary for the task you have requested of it.

Operating/Security system updates

Developers update operating systems and security software on a regular basis, presuming the software is still being supported. Occasionally these updates are not downloaded and applied, so our experts will find what updates your computer needs and install them for you.

Repairing registries

Kyes on BoardSystem registries are like a keychain — it stores the keys that programs need to run properly, as well as settings for certain programs. If the keychain is full of older keys, it becomes harder to find the right one to launch the program faster. Registry repair removes all the old keys that aren’t used anymore and deletes any that don’t belong there.

Start Up Optimization
When your computer boots up it has a set amount of programs that boot up with it. Security and anti virus programs, processor monitoring software necessary for the machine to function, and user-installed programs like Skype are all examples. These programs are much like a morning to-do list: Most of them are required, but some are not.

By turning off ones that are not needed for start up, like Skype for example, the computer “thinks” less as it goes through its start up process. In essence, we remove unnecessary items from the computer’s to-do list, allowing it to boot faster and get you working sooner.

Cache/temporary files and folders removed

Cached and temporary files slow down program operation. Generally they are deleted when no longer necessary, but are sometimes missed by your computer’s operating system or security software.

We hunt down those unnecessary files and remove them. The result is quicker program start up and smoother operation.

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