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Computers need mechanics, too. A renewal to factory-new condition is often the best option, whether the machine is malfunctioning or you are planning to sell it to its next loving owner.

“I suggest computer renewals often,” says Kory Miller, IT specialist at our Sidney store. “Renewing to brand-new condition is better and quicker than trying to repair an issue that is a little too far gone.”

Our renewals come in three tiers. Essential, with data backup, and with data backup and security.


Our experts quickly jump under the hood, ensuring hardware is functional. After that, they return the computer to fresh-off-the-factory-floor condition. That will wipe all your data on the machine, which is why we offer the service with a data backup.

Data Backup

We backup all your data before doing anything else. Just like the Essential tier, we check the hardware and restore the computer to what it was like the day you bought it. Once that finishes, we transfer your data back onto your machine so it is ready to work for you.

Data Backup and Security

Backup and reinstall data, return the computer to new condition; what else could we do to make this service better? Install Norton Internet Security software, and backup all your email and contact information. Norton is a top-rated all-in-one security package that says “…does everything you need, and all of its components are effective.”

Help Us Help You

Bring your computer to our experts and let them take of the rest. Now that’s helpful.

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