Scanning made versatile, by Konica Minolta

Pictures are great, when you are scanning images.  But many of the items people want to scan aren’t meant to be just looked at.  You might want to take a print copy of an older document, for instance, and digitize it so that it can be edited later.  That used to be a difficult process, but no more.

Scanning using a Konica Minolta Device

Scanning documents is easy and efficient with a Konica Minolta (MFP) multi-function printer. Standard Scanning technology on the Konica Minolta devices we offer is continuing to evolve and meet the demands of today’s office.

Advanced scanning function has been added without complicating the process—in fact it has become easier. Let’s outline that first, and then jump into how Konica Minolta has made office life easier

The Usual Process:

  1. Load the paper in the document feeder
  2. Select a destination (email address or network folder)
  3. Press start—the document is scanned as a pdf, jpeg or tiff format
  4. Open the destination email or folder, find and rename the PDF
  5. Place or send the document to its final destination

Though simple enough, Konica Minolta as added more features to its latest MFPs to make the process even better.



So exactly how easy is it to access evolved scanning functions on a Konica Minolta MFP? Most, if not all of them, can be accessed with the touch of a single button. A few examples:

  • Select multiple file formats to scan to, including Word (.docx) , Excel (xslx.) and Powerpoint (.pptx)
  • Secure your PDFs with passwords
  • Scan to Smart Phones, Websites, Web Services, Sharepoint and other Multifunction Devices or printers
  • Create Searchable PDF documents
  • Scan to any document folder on your network
  • Smart Technology to send documents to multiple network folders automatically

Those time saving and cost-effective features (and more that will come in the future), combined with the fast print and scan speeds, high resolution, and reliable performance you expect from Konica Minolta, are why we recommend Konica Minolta MFPs for any office. Give us a call to begin the journey to a better office life with your Konica Minolta MFP.

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