Printers for Schools – 3 Things You Need to Know

Despite best efforts, a paperless school system is still over the horizon. Current reality is that paper is an integral part of Victoria’s school system.

Selecting the right printer is essential. Devices that only accomplish one function, are difficult to use, and cannot be integrated with other productivity solutions are not an ideal match for today’s busy teaching environment.

Shannon Martin Lyman, writing for, notes three criteria of a solid school printer. We could not agree more – we recommend following the same guidelines, so here they are:

  1. Multifunction printers are best. One device accomplishing many tasks maximizes the use one receives from dollars spent.
  2. Easy-to-use devices ensure eless time wasted on trying to get a job done.
  3. Devices that can be expanded to multiple applications like acutomated grading increase available time for teaching while reducing time spent on menial tasks.

Monk’s Words

Adam Taft, Director of Technology Sales, added 3 more points to Ms. Lyman’s list:

  1. Regular maintenance is key to efficiency and long life for your printer. Understand the true cost of the printer over a desired lifespan: Factor in parts, service, consumables (paper and toner/ink) and hardware costs.
  2. Lean about sustainable options and their cost. Eco Friendly options like Toner Save, Power Monitoring and Waste consumption influence long-term cost as well.
  3. We already know maintenance is important, so be sure to ask “Can this printer be serviced in locally, quickly and efficiently?” (We service what we sell.)

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