Light the Fire for Reading

In the year 1440, Johannes Gutenberg changed the world forever: he invented the first printing press with reusable wooden and metal letters. Printing presses existed before Gutenberg’s, but the plates of letters could not be reused. Newspapers, magazines and, most importantly, books could be mass produced. Knowledge flowed from one person or group to another without the two every coming in direct contact.

These days, books are in a second revolution of production and delivery. Electronic formats have allowed us to share written words across the world within an instant. The trick is storing electronic books in a portable, easy-to-use device.




Skip the Presses

Amazon’s Kindle does exactly that. First released in 2007, it sold out in five and a half hours. Since then the device has gone through six generations of updates.

The most recent version of Kindle, Paperwhite, can hold up to 1,100 books – downloading a book every week for 20 years would not fill the device. It is lighter than a typical paperback book, thinner than a pencil, and 4.6-inches (11.87 centimeters) wide. Kindles even have a built-in dictionary, so your children can learn new words (and you can be sure what copacetic, sanctimonious, and exculpation actually mean).

Perhaps the most important feature of Kindle is its E-Ink screen. E-Ink screens are designed to reduce eye strain by mimicking ink on paper. Like Gutenberg improved the printing press, Amazon has taken E-Ink one step farther by adding a top layer of glass that projects light into the screen instead of into your eyes. Kindle’s screen is even visible in direct sunlight (try that with an LCD-screen device!).

There are millions of books in Amazon’s library, including free public domain titles. A book only needs to be bought once: Amazon’s Whispersync technology allows titles – and the last page you read – to be synced across all your devices (including personal computers and iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones).

Kindle e-readers keep giving as long as the user keeps reading. Whether you love reading, know someone who does, or want to inspire a child to love reading, Monk Office can help you get the Kindle e-reader that you need.


Wrap one up this holiday season.

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