IDEAL.MBM Destroyit 2604

Adam Taft says: “Always buy your second shredder first!” Too often, offices purchase a low-end shredder that breaks in three months or is not powerful enough to meet the needs of a busy office. IDEAL.MBM’s Destroyit series of commercial shredders are designed for the busy office. They are easy to maintain and can keep up with whatever workload you throw at them.


No need to worry about oil stains on your fine clothes or shredder jams: Destroyit 2604 uses a self-oiling system to stay clean and lubricated. Poor cleaning is the number one reason why your office shredder stops performing as it should. Shredder oil improves the life of cutting heads, and removes paper dust and debris.

Destroyit shredders will last for a lifetime. Each shredder’s hardened steel cutting shafts easily destroys paper, staples, paper clips, credit cards, and CDs. These made-in-Germany shredders have over 60 years of experience behind them – Krug and Priester has been manufacturing IDEAL.MBM shredders since 1951.

In the event your IDEAL.MBM shredder ever needs repair, Monk Office can take care of it right here. We are authorized to service IDEAL.MBM products.

Skip the cheap shredder breakdown step, and talk to one of our sales reps today.

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