Functional Form: 5 Android Accessories You Need

Accessories are the finishing touch of any outfit. A tie clip, belt or shoes are a marriage of form and function. Outfitting a new Android tablet with accessories is the same – adding functional devices that can look good, too. So what accessories are essential? nailed every essential accessory in this article, and Monk Office has examples of each. That got me thinking – what Android accessory brands do we have? “Thank you” to Frank Baker for helping me assemble this list.


Screen protector

Glass, no matter how strong, can be scratched or broken. A screen protector will protect your device and extend its life. We carry and can order screen protectors from Zagg, Belkin (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 protector pictured), 3M, and ZooGue.


It is easy to say “I’ll never drop my tablet”. Unfortunately life happens and then things get broken. Save your investment with a case from Kensington, ZooGue (Kindle Fire case pictured), Targus, Belkin, or Otterbox!

Headphones Plattan in Cobalt, collapsed & wrapped

Urbanears are the headphone of choice at Monk Office. Stylish, yet simple, Urbanears combines function and form in a way that is rarely matched. Most of their headphones include a microphone (like the cobalt Plattan pictured) and those that do not can easily be upgraded, so you never miss a call because you’re busy rocking out.

Kensington-car-charger-2.4ampBackup charger

Targus, Belkin, and Kensington are our first picks for a charger. Be sure that the charger you choose provides enough power to charge your device.

For example, Belkin’s universal chargers supply up to 2.1 amps, which is not always enough to charge powerful tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. Kensington picks up that ball with their Powerbolt 3.4 amp car charger (pictured).

Screen cleaner

AM’s GetClean collection, a product that is new to us and will be in stores soon (Frank tells me that it should be in stores this week)! Portable and effective, GetClean combines cleaning spray and cloth into a single unit that is easy to cart around with your Android tablet.

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