Convertible conundrum: Modern portable computers

Thinkpad Yoga_FHD(Anti-Glare)_Hero_04_interfaceConvertibles, 2-in-1’s, slates, pads, and a thousand other names fit a product that we used to just call a laptop. Our friends at Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo (ThinkPad Yoga pictured), and HP all make a variety of portable computing solutions, but which one is right for you?

Enter’s guide to the new terminology of portable computing. It contains everything you need to know about convertible hybrid and detachable keyboard devices, and defines the shopping problem well:

“New laptops with fancy hinges and sliding mechanisms can perform acrobatics that will put your yoga instructor to shame. But do you really need a notebook that can do tricks? Shop for a computer these days and you’ll see laptop/tablet hybrids, convertibles, docking laptops, ultrabook 2-in-1 convertibles, detachable hybrids, and slates with keyboard docks.”

Read the whole article by clicking here.

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