Holiday Season 2014

It’s that time of year again! Gift exchanges, family dinners, and the inevitable office parties are quickly filling everyone’s calendar.

Between all that you need to find the right gift for everyone on your list. We are here to say it’s easier than you expect – there is something for everyone at Monk Office!

Herman Miller Aeron Base Model Monk OfficeHerman Miller Aeron Chair – $899 NOW $749 

Herman Miller is famous for its modern design classics, both at home and at the office. The Aeron chair is one of Herman Miller’s key products, and our Office Interiors team members are passionate when they say it is the pinnacle of ergonomic chair design.

This holiday season, we are offering our biggest discount ever on the Aeron chair –$150 off our usual $899 price, or $749. And when you count the years (and thousands of hours) that you’ll be working comfortably in it, it could be our biggest holiday value!

Imation 2-in-1 USB – $24.99

Imation 2-in-1 USB Flash Drive Monk OfficeHow do you make an already essential business item, the USB flash drive, even better? Add a male connector for micro-USB jacks! Whether you are working from your non-portable PC or super-mobile tablet you can now take your important data with you – without worrying about the security of storing your items “in the cloud”.

Micro USB sockets the ports on an edge of your tablet or smartphone where you plug it in at the end of every day. Imation’s 2-in-1 Micro Flash Drive can connect where no USB drive has connected before – that port on your tablet or smartphone.

Available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB sizes.

Lyrix Jive wireless speaker – $29.99

Jive Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Blue Monk OfficeBulky speakers that need to rest on a floor or in wall-mount bracket are a thing of the past. Use Jive’s suction cup foot to stick it to nearly any smooth surface – including your shower wall. Yes, that colourful silicone shell makes Jive water resistant, too!

Listening to your favourite tunes is great, but sometimes business is calling, literally. Jive speakers include a built in microphone so you can close that deal even if your phone is up to 32 feet away or you are in the shower, though we do not recommend taking business calls while freshening up.

Available in orange, purple, green, blue, and black.

Lyrix Powerball wireless and wired speaker – $59.99 NOW $49!

Lyrix Powerball Wireless WIred Speaker Red Monk OfficeLooking for a more powerful portable speaker? Lyrix Powerballs are your ticket. Small and light enough to hold in your palm or hang from your belt, thanks to an integrated loop, they can be taken anywhere and hung from anything (including a certain holiday tree). Powerball also includes a speaker cover, so go ahead; throw it in your purse.

These tiny speaker-balls won’t run out of juice until you’re ready to call it a day thanks to a 12-hour battery life.

Available in red, purple, blue and black.

Monster SuperStar speaker – $139.99 NOW $99!

Montser SuperStar Bluetooth Wireless Wired Speaker Monk OfficeLooking for a more powerful Bluetooth/wired speaker that is still portable? Monster’s SuperStar speaker is what you need.

SuperStar is on-the-go ready thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity compatible with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone. This high-performance speaker combines smartphone size with a conference-call-ready built-in microphone and noise cancellation, so you have a winning speaker for group calls to family members, or for music on the go.

Targus iStore Power Cube Duo+ – $29.99

Targues iStore Power Cube Duo + Monk OfficeHow many of us only use one mobile device these days? We doubt many of you do, so what do you do when both need to be charged?

Save a power outlet – charge your mobile workhorses with Targus’ iStore Power Cube Duo+. Dual USB outlets allow two smartphones or tablets to be charged from one power outlet.

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