6 Tips for Building a Durable and Adaptable Emergency Kit


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With the Great BC Shakeout fast approaching, October is a great time to update, replace, or build a comprehensive earthquake kit that offers your family enough food, water, and survival supplies for the 72 hours you may be without service. Instead of simply listing items to include in your kit,  as there are many great resources that provide this specific information, we’ve compiled a list of tips and personal recommendations to help you build a kit that is durable and adaptable to your environment.

  1. Choose a kit or container that is airtight or hermetically sealed – this will protect contents from moisture, spoilage, and animal damage. An added benefit of an airtight kit means you can store it outside or even buried underground.
  2. Include in your kit or select a kit that has quality tools that will last and doesn’t rely on outside power (e.g. wind-up flashlight/radio over battery powered).  In addition, batteries are at risk of rusting and best way to avoid this situation, is to simply use non-battery powered tools.
  3. Double-up on equipment – It’s easy to look at an earthquake list and note that you have many of these items already, but if they are scattered through your home or garage, it’s no longer easily accessible and you may be the only one who knows its location.  For peace of mind, store all items together or consider a pre-built kit – and talk with your family about where the kit is stored.
  4. Package your items in a food-safe container for safer water storage during an emergency
  5. Customize pre-built kits with information specific to you or your family:
    • A few comforts to keep with your kit such as a family photo or keepsake
    • Custom plan of all emergency exits and meeting points
    • List of emergency contacts & medical information for every member of your family
  6. Review expiration dates of your kit contents every year to ensure your survival food and water keeps your safe and healthy – not sick. Create a reoccurring event in your calendar to remind yourself to check your kit contents.  Find something that will expire soon? Bring it on your next camping trip and satisfy the curiosity about how emergency food rations taste.

The above tips are our recommendations based on information from our earthquake kit supplier and personal suggestions from our team. Each family and environment is unique, visit the Government of Canada’s Get Prepared  site to make sure you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted I’s in preparing.

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