Back to School Deals during September 2014!

Our extra-long summer is finally over, now that the teachers and employers have reached an agreement.  But we hear that quite a few parents still have some shopping to do.  What about those items that you wait to buy until your child is in class?  Whether you need to buy just a dictionary or geometry set, or you have all the school supply shopping ahead, you are in luck.

Until September 30th, you will receive 15% off all regular-priced supplies* – entire aisles full of savings!  So go ahead; treat yourself to something (or a few things) while you’re buying supplies your child needs to succeed.

Our friendly staff people are ready to help you gather everything your child needs for the coming school year.  Click here to find a store near you.


*Technology, furniture, Imaging Centre and Post Office products and services are excluded.

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