Routine Clean: the 4 Step Sanitize

How many hands touched the surfaces in your office today? Door handles, desks, chairs, railings, cupboards and of course, phones can hold viruses. Routine cleaning eliminates all kind of viruses and bacteria, no matter how many hands have come to your organization.

Cleaning can seem like a chore, but a few simple steps and the right cleaning products make the job easy.

Four Steps to Clean

Closing up for the day is a routine many of us are familiar with. Adding a 10-minute clean at the end of every day goes a long way:

  1. Check soap and sanitizer dispensers. Fill if necessary.
  2. Get a carry tote filled with cleaners, reusable cloths, and paper towels (in case the cloths become soiled).
  3. Clean frequently touched hard surfaces before leaving the building.
  4. Use clean cloths every day, or launder soiled cloths when you get home.

The Next Step

Need help finding the right cleaning products? Call our Customer Experience Centre at (250) 384-0565 (toll free: 1-800-735-3433) or talk with our Helpful Office People in a store near you.

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