Welcome to the New Monk.ca!!

ecommerceHere it is!  Our new online shopping website!

The team at Monk has been busy for many months making a site that is

  • easy to search
  • easy to use for comparing items
  • easy to purchase from
  • easy to manage your account from

Our testers tell us that we have hit the bull’s eye on these features, and that ordering is easier than ever, whether you are at home or on the go.

At the moment, the online ordering system is available for commercial account holder only, but plans are underway to open online shopping to all of our customers, including retail. In the meantime, anyone can research items that Monk Office sells, and compare features of different items.  For the best pricing, we encourage retail customers to visit one of our 10 locations on Vancouver Island, where you can get Helpful Savings pricing every day.

What do YOU think of the changes we’ve made?  We encourage you to send us a comment, talk to one of our representatives, or take a moment and fill out our customer feedback survey.

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