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We are excited to offer a new line of products – Urbanears headphones and ear buds! Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the company builds stylish headphones at reasonable prices without compromising sound quality.

So which model is the right one?  What colour? Difficult choices for anyone, especially given the assortment of models and colours Urbanears produces. Unfortunately we cannot help you pick the right colour to match your wardrobe; however we can spotlight some models we think you will like.

Plattan Headphones

Great sound is never far with Plattan. Its collapsible ear pieces reveal metal prongs used to coil the headphones’ cord so the cord does not tangle and the headphones take up as little space as possible. Throw them in to any briefcase, backpack or purse so that quality audio is always at your fingertips.

So you have amazing sound ready at a moment’s notice; but what if you want to share music? High-fidelity speakers do not fit a friendly meeting over coffee, and loud speakers in tight office environments can break co-workers’ concentration. Urbanears solve those problems (and more) with Zoundplug: a 1/8” headphone jack built in to all their headphone models, including Plattan.

Kransen Ear Buds

Do you need to stay organized, but do not have the space for Plattan headphones? Kransen is what you need. Its SnapConstruction attaches each ear bud to one another so they can be hung around your neck and CableLoop (shown in the image to your right) secures the cable so it stays tangle free.

Regardless which Urbanears model you choose, you can get it from us. Yet another reason we are the Helpful Office People!

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