Sustainable Sourcing at Intel

Is a business sustainable? Most of the questions that follow that one focus on protecting the environment and earning enough revenue to exist next year. As a local company, one question we ask is “who does your business help?”

Intel makes computing chips found in many of the devices we sell. Those chips require minerals like gold and tungsten, which can be mined in many places around the globe. One such place, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is rife with conflict and money paid for its minerals often ends up directly contributing to the wrong side.

That brings us back to the question of who is being helped by a business. After five years of ┬áhard work, Intel can say that is sources minerals conflict-free. The company is now highlighting their success in an advertising campaign called “Look Inside”. AdWeek picked up that story and reviewed the campaign.

Because we too know the value of a responsible organization, we are proud to present the primary advertisement below.

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