Sustainable Furniture – 3 Questions to Ask


Sustainable and eco-friendly business is more than just a way to keep Vancouver Island beautiful – it is a way to save money (Monk Office is proof of that). So what does it take to be sustainable?

The right office furnishings are a great place to start. Our Office Interiors team knows the most eco-friendly products by memory, but even they need ways to assess new products. When looking at any product, they ask about materials, manufacturing and reusability.


It begins with what the furniture is made of. Raw materials used must be sustainable in the long term, meaning that they must be renewable, or at least not causing direct harm by being used.

Speaking of direct harm, some manufacturers use toxic materials in their finishes that can be detrimental to office health as well as the environment. The best example of this are volatile offgassing chemicals (VOCs for short) used in certain wood lacquers.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing is not an inherently green practice, so choosing manufacturers that follow LEED guidelines for their facilities, aim to reduce overall carbon footprint, and use green energy goes a long way. Herman Miller’s “perfect vision 2020” gives some great outlines for green practices on the corporate level, as well as showcasing how they choose to be environmentally-conscious.


Will the product end up in a landfill after 5 years? DIRTT (seen in image above) is a great example of avoiding the trash, as a building occupant can literally take their walls with them when they move to a new space, keeping product out of the landfill and recycling plants.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right furniture is more than just choosing to be comfortable, it is a great step toward being eco-friendly. Start your journey to a sustainable office by contacting our Office Interiors team in either Victoria (3335 Oak Street) or Nanaimo (4131 Mostar Road). They will ensure that your office is on the path to being environmentally friendly – and comfortable.

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