Security and performance – do you need to upgrade your password?

We hope this isn't you!As one of the first office supply companies to take our business online, we’ve been helping our customers – especially the commercial customers – to shop using the Internet for years. And for many of our customers, it’s been possible to have the same password that whole time. If you were one of our early adopters of the MyClips technology, you may have chosen a very simple password that everyone who orders from Monk Office could remember. Did you know that the most commonly-used password is “password”? If that sounds like your company, it’s time to use something a little bit – safer.

You’ll be glad to know that we’re still keeping it simple, but for better security and access to our new e-commerce platform (coming soon!), we are stepping up our password requirements a notch. We are letting all of our customers with online accounts know that as of April 1st, your password needs to match these simple rules:

  • be between 6 and 20 characters long
  • contain a number

That’s it!  No need for special characters or something random that will have people posting passwords on their monitors – just make sure that your password is long enough and has one or more numbers in it.

You can log-in to your MyClips account any time between now and April 1st to make the change.  If you would like one of our Helpful Office People to give you a hand, please call our Customer Service Centre and they can help you through it.  And you can reorder your breakroom supplies at the same time!

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