Financial Leadership in Local Business

Guest Blogger: Ross Hill, CFO at Monk Office

Many venturing into the Financial field today will spend their career climbing the corporate ladder by moving between companies.  Trying small business and large corporations, foraying into operations and supply chain while honing their craft on the way to the top.  I have had the opportunity during my career to do all those things within the four walls of Monk Office.  If you follow our social media (Facebook and Twitter) you’ll notice that we’ve been growing, adding expertise in critical business areas to expand our bench strength and best service you, our customers.

This is a business with committed, passionate people and room to grow.  As we embark on our next generation of innovation, we have also transitioned business models – from Owner Operator model to a Senior Leadership Team – Advisory Board governance model.  During my almost 30 years at Monk we have expanded from a Victoria stationery business with 4 locations, to a diversified Office Outfitter operating Island wide (and soon to be, beyond).  For me, next comes the quantum leap, from Operator to joining my partner James McKenzie on our Advisory Board.  Thank you to our customers, our partners and our people for a satisfying career where I have felt challenged daily and seen my contributions in action.

As I pass the Finance baton and reflect, what a ride.

Monk Office is actively recruiting a Senior Finance Leader

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