Herman Miller’s Renew Table

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Your body is not designed to stay in one place all day. So if you have to sit, you need a chair that lets you and switch between sitting and standing, even better. Fewer aches and pains, fewer doctor visits, and more reasons to feel good about work.

Herman Miller offers a selection of tables and desks that provide postural options through fast, easy height adjustability. Using electric adjustment systems—as opposed to weight balanced, cantilevered approaches—these products offer ease of use that furthers the goal of helping people incorporate postural change into their everyday activities.

Renew paddleOne of these products is the Renew™ sit-to-stand table, which is designed to make moving between sitting and standing postures intuitive. Designer Brian Alexander created the feel of the table’s soft-edged, paddle-shaped switch so it can be used without looking at it or even thinking about it.

A range of adjustments lets the user choose the perfect sitting or standing height, or share a space with others without compromising on comfort. Combined with a highly adjustable work chair that both encourages movement and supports the sitter properly, Renew gives the office worker a full range of healthy movement.

Every inch of Renew was thoughtfully considered from your point of view and the person sitting or standing next to you, letting you enjoy all the perks of healthy movement without disrupting your thoughts or your technology.

The soft, paddle-shaped switch works exactly as you’d expect it to, moving up to raise the table and down to lower it—an idea so sensible that you can use it without looking or even thinking about it. A range of adjustments let you choose the perfect sitting or standing height, or share a space without compromising on comfort.

renew concealed cordsA seamless wire management design routes the cords from all of your desktop tools into a cable trough below the table, keeping them out of sight even when the table is raised.

Softly angled corners under the table protect your knees from bumps and bruises and encourage movement.



For more information, and a product demo, we have produced a YouTube video: MonkU Stew:


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