Gotta Catch ’em All: Monk Office participates in the Pokémon Go trend!

Victoria, BC – With stores situated in downtown Victoria, local company Monk Office is making fun connections with both local and touring Pokémon Go players.  In the past year, Monk has gained recognition for their snappy puns and fun approach to trends – as seen on their delivery vehicles and social media platforms. With Pokémon Go, Monk Office has found a fun way to participate in this trending topic by building upon its brand’s tone of voice and unique product offerings.

Pokemon Monk OfficeFrom President and CEO, Mark Breslauer, “Recognizing a trend, we evaluated our service / product offerings and came up with a creative way to make connections between two seemingly unrelated things – Pokémon and office supplies. In referencing the details of the game (0 HP and the Revive item), we drew out a fun linkage between reviving your Pokémon and reviving yourself with our new exciting product, OneCoffee.”


Of the 10 Monk Office stores across Vancouver Island, the Broad Street location (1200 Broad St.) happens to be located beside the Trounce Alley Pokéstop. Posted in the window is an eye-catching poster that would delight any Pokémon Go player.  In addition, Monk Office has begun setting “lures” to drive a targeted audience of Pokémon Go players to the nearby Pokéstop and participating Broad Street store.






About Monk Office:  For nearly 65 years, locals have turned to Monk Office for everything they need to outfit their offices – ranging from interior design services, commercial-grade furniture, technology, and office stationery. Monk Office is proud to be Vancouver Island’s largest independent office outfitter. As more businesses and consumers “Think Monk” for their workplace and home office needs, Monk has developed partnerships with local, national, and international companies to deliver the highest-quality services and products. Monk is the exclusive provider of Konica Minolta products and services, for copier and other I/T requirements. A distribution partnership with DIRTT ( enables Monk to lead the commercial interiors industry with environmentally responsible and high-productivity solutions. Monk also carries a wide range of furniture for commercial and home offices – ranging from affordable chairs and desks to the iconic Herman Miller line.

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