Offline Google Maps in 6 Steps

Your Android tablet follows you anywhere – sadly Wi-Fi cannot do the same. We cannot give you Wi-Fi everywhere you are, so at the very least we can show you how to use Google Maps without an Internet connection!

Yes, it’s true: Google Maps is functional offline as well as online. The trick is creating and then saving the maps that you will need.

Six steps to offline-map-saving are below. The original article includes images with each step: read it by by clicking here.

  1. Search for a location.
  2. Select the white info log on the bottom of your screen and scroll down. You’ll see ‘Save map to use offline’ at the bottom.
  3. Google Maps will prompt you with the option ‘Save this map?’ Touch ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Name the map (the original article confused the order of this and the next step)
  5. A loading bar will appear while Google Maps saves the map to your device.
  6. To see the offline map, go to your profile. There will be a list of saved offline maps.

Looking for your profile? Highlighted inside the red square is the icon you need:


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