Monk Office Distributes Bravo Enterprises Air-to-Water Water Coolers

Atmospheric_Water_Harvester_technologyCreating water from air – it sounds a bit like the alchemist’s cliche of turning lead into gold. Unlike the alchemist’s dream, turning air into water is possible, and is the future of the office water cooler.

We are proud to announce that we are the authorized distributor of Bravo Enterprises’ Air-to-Water machines. You can read the original press release on the Wall Street Journal’s website by clicking here.

Our focus is primarily on one model. AirMax 3000, their office-sized water cooler model, produces up to 8 gallons of water per day. It dispenses hot and cold filtered water, just like any other water cooler. Unlike traditional water coolers, it creates its own supply of water, thereby reducing cost and ensuring there is always liquid refreshment available.

Click here to¬†look at the AirMax 3000’s web page. Call us if you want¬†alchemy in your break room.

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