Monk Employees Sweet Fundraiser nets dollars for SPCA

What is a quick and easy way to show support for humane treatment of animals?  This week, the easiest way was to put some money in the collection box and help yourself to a treat!

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) started a sweet fundraiser in 2013: National Cupcake Day. The recipe is simple – bake cupcakes and exchange them for donations that support local animal shelters, SPCAs and Humane societies.

Account Manager Max McKenzie and Director of Commercial Sales Susan Mitchell put their baking skills to the test on Monday January 24th. They brought dozens of cupcakes to Monk Office’s head office in Esquimalt, and their colleagues put in donations for the tasty treats. Together, they collected $61.95 in donations for the BC SPCA! Thanks Max, Susan, and everyone who donated!

Do Max and Susan serve cupcakes as well as they serve customers? The results speak for themselves:


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