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Technology can seem like something you “want”; something you don’t need but can find enough use in to make an excuse to buy it. However, students in 2013 need technology more than ever. Luckily for students (and their parents), technology is far past gargantuan desktop computer and laptops that weigh more than this semester’s stack of textbooks.

Light, intuitive, and simple to operate tablets equipped with longer-lasting batteries, a microphone and camera are the new wave of machinery for the on-the-go-student. Those features make tablets sound like an expensive item for this year’s back-to-school shopping cart; however, that is the most important upgrade from laptops and desktops. High-quality tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy lineup cost about the same as an entry-level laptop – and are much better suited for a student.

Whether you get a tablet that uses Android or Windows as its operating system, all your classroom and homework necessities are covered. You can connect to the internet to research assignments, type notes during class or take a photo of what the teacher writes on the board or presents in a slideshow. You can collaborate with your Facebook friends on projects, work on assignments wherever you are by creating documents, spreadsheets or presentations using Google Drive on Android-equipped tablets or Microsoft Office on Windows-equipped tablets.

Those uses are just the beginning. Application developers are constantly at work creating more innovative ways to make tablets even more powerful.

Do you need a keyboard to type comfortably? Tablets can be used with a variety high-quality yet inexpensive keyboards (that Monk Office stocks and can order) for Lenovo, Asus, and Samsung tablets.

If you are still shy about a keyboard-equipped tablet, look no farther than an ASUS Transformer Pad. The keyboard is purpose built by ASUS, and includes a trackpad for laptop-like use, USB and micro SD ports, and a separate battery to extend the tablet’s working lifespan.



Whether you prefer software or hardware keyboards, Monk Office has the tablet, keyboard, or all-in-one that will deliver what you need. We’re called the Helpful Office People, but we love to help students too!

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