Lenovo Power Cord Recall

Lenovo_LS-15_AC_PowercordLenovo is voluntarily recalling power cords for certain models of laptop computers. Recalled cords are marked LS-15 on the end that plugs into power outlets (pictured). Cords will be replaced free of charge.

Lenovo has created a tool to be sure whether your cord is part of the recall. Click here to check whether your cord is affected.

Not all Lenovo computers are affected. Power cords distributed with specific laptop models sold between February 2011 through June 2012. Models affected:

  • IdeaPad brand B-, G-, S-, U-, V-, and Z-series laptops
  • Lenovo brand B-, G-, and V-series laptops

Only the AC-line is being recalled. Do not discard the adapter (the large, brick-like device that plugs into the computer).

Photo source: Lenovo

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