Faster web pages for our IE8 customers

IE 8 horizonalDo you work at a computer that uses Internet Explorer 8 as its browser? If you work for the provincial government, or one of its agencies, chances are you do.

Three weeks ago when we launched our site, we began to hear that for IE8 users, the new features were overpowering their browsers. We have taken action and made important changes that will improve your experience.  These changes include:

A “lighter” system for faster loading times

When you log onto, our servers will detect your browser, and our website will switch to a lighter, faster version.  Our tests have found that pages load, on average, 10 times faster with the lighter version than they were when we first launched.   A search that used to take around 40 seconds to load will now load in about 4 seconds.  The main change you will see, apart from the speed, is that our products will appear in “list view”, instead of the “gallery” squares.

A tighter connection between “Ship To” addresses and shopping carts

You won’t see the shopping carts for any other locations in your organization.  The same goes for Favourites lists – you will only see the Favourites list for your location.

What’s next?

Making our site fast, easy and simple was important – but we’re not done.  In the coming weeks you can also expect to see:

  • an improved process for Approvals
  • ability to search through your supply list
  • pictures in the supply list

— and many more adaptations.

If you have questions or would like to make a suggestion, please contact us at, use the chat box, or phone us at 250-384-0565.

Thank you for your feedback and your patience!



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