Earthquake Preparedness

What would you do in an earthquake? Would you be ready?

Fortunately, there are organizations that think about these things. The Victoria Emergency Management Agency (VEMA) held an information meeting last month, with the purpose of starting a cyclist response team. I went because I am interested in joining that team, and I found that VEMA provided a wide variety of emergency preparation information. I took home a copy of each information sheet and read them later that evening.

One of the sheets was a list of 72-hours worth of food and survival supplies. There was nothing on the list that would be difficult to find, but the prospect of gathering everything together seemed like a daunting time commitment.

4-person-earthquake-kitMy hunt ended before it even began! As I talked about the information session with Catherine (my supervisor and Monk Office’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator), she said, “Monk sells earthquake kits.”

I found the list of kits we sell is extensive: basic food, first aid and survival supplies for up to four people, small kits designed for school and office use, and even kits with supplies for a family pet! Suddenly, a two-month shopping trip around Victoria was cut to a five minute trip to the nearest Monk Office location.

Now that’s helpful.

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