7 Tips for the Mobile Worker

Lenovo-ThinkPad-Helix-alternateAre you a natural-born mover that loves to work on the go? We live in a world where working anywhere is easier than ever. So how does the modern Mr. or Ms. Freelancer keep it together?

It boils down to digitizing everything. Aubre Andrus of Mashable.com offers 6 tips for the nomadic freelancer (and we will add own own later). She says “…gadgets, apps, and websites let freelancers wonder around the world while still making money. Because how else are you going to fund your nomadic lifestyle? You gotta work hard to play hard.

So the question remains: “how can I access my digital stuff?”

That brings us to tip number 7. Get a mobile workstation from your local office supply store! Tablets and laptops (or a convertible like Lenovo’s Helix, pictured right) with Wi-Fi and even cellular connectivity are your ticket to a digital life, especially paired with the Wi-Fi hotspot mentioned as tip 3.

Check out the original 6 by clicking here, and then visit your nearest Monk Office location to get the portable powerhouse you need.

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