5 Products to Add to Your Back to School List

Paper? Pens? Pencils? Anything else? We have some ideas!

As the go-to for many during back to school season, we’ve seen our fair share of school supply lists – whether it’s through our fundraising program or our free in-store shopping service. With so many products to choose from, school supply shopping can be confusing – should you go with the blue pen with a cap or the retractable blue pen?  What do they mean by “jumbo” gluestick? Is the Tri-Plus pencil the same as the Tri-write pencil? These are some of the questions we can help with!

One of our favourite questions, however, is “what do you recommend?”  With our experience in providing school supplies for nearly 65 years, we know our products and which ones stand out for being innovative and different and this year, we’ve compiled a list of 5 products we like recommending as upgrades or additions to your back to school list!

Label Makers

Our Flyer Pick: Dymo LetraTag Plus LT -100H Label Maker, now $21.99 after $15 instant rebate!
Item#: DYM21456

Dymo Label Maker

The possibilities are endless for label makers – use it to personalize school supplies, organize containers, affix instructions… This particular model is great for home use with its portable design for labeling anything and everything, wherever you are. With a $15 Instant Rebate, this is an excellent time to pick one up!

  • Uses reliable direct thermal technology to print up to two lines on 1/2″ paper, plastic, or metallic LetraTag style labels
  • Features large six-character display
  • Prints three standard font sizes plus Big Font
  • Prints bold, vertical, outline, shadow, italic, underline and symbols
  • Special features include print preview, last label memory, low-battery indicator, and auto power off
  • Operates on six AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Includes TWO rolls of paper tape!

Erasable Pens

Our Flyer Pick: FriXion Erasable Pens, starting from $2.29 ea.


Frixion Pen

We’ve heard from everyone that these pens are great – from students, professionals, and even members of our team.  FriXion pens offer unlimited do-overs so you can write, erase, and re-write until you get it right, without any wear or tear to the paper or messy eraser crumbs. The heat generated by erasing friction causes our unique thermo-sensitive gel ink to become clear so the words disappear completely from the page.

  • Perfect for writing exams (we don’t recommend for use on legal documents cheques, or anything you need to keep permanent!)
  • Also great for those who dislike the look of white correction tape on coloured or off-white paper
  • Comes in a wide assortment of colours from the standard black and blue to fun colours like purple, pink, and green!

Spill-Proof Keyboard

Our Flyer Pick: Kensington Keyboard for Life, now  $19.99 ea
Item #: KMW64370

Keyboards can get messy with everything from crumbs to dust to late-night coffee spills. With Kensington’s Keyboard for Life, you can just “shake it off” and carry on!

  • Spill-proof keyboard resists coffee, water, soda and other liquids
  • Sealed membrane design lets liquid run through without damaging keyboard electronics
  • Reliable plug-and-play operation with wired USB connection
  • Built to last with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Black keyboard with 104-key layout

Expanding Folders

Our Flyer Picks: Winnable Backpack Expanding File ($5.29 ea) or Oxford Twin Pocket Portfolio (not shown, $.39 ea)
Item#: WNN201BP5AD / ESS57502


Getting paper from home to school and back can actually prove to be a challenge. With an expanding folder or portfolio, bring only what you need and keep it safe and crease-free in a durable folder.

  • The Winnable expanding file contains 5 removable folders and an elastic closure to keep everything organized – perfect a semester’s worth of classes.
  • Our pocket portfolio are sized for standard letter size paper and have 2 pockets to hold multiple document

Gel Highlighters

Our  Pick: Onyx + Green Gel Highlighters,  $4.99 / 4pk
Item #: ONY1808Onyx and Green Gel Highlighter

Have you heard of gel highlighters? Given how many devoted gel highlighter fans we come across, we’re surprised that they’re not more popular! While we describe the texture as more waxy than gel, we like these better than most ink-based highlighters because they don’t bleed through paper and won’t smudge fresh ink.

  • Smooth application
  • Long-long lasting – if you often forget to put the lid back on highlighters, these might be a good option!
  • Eco-friendly packaging with soy-based ink
  • Bright and vibrant colours
  • Twistable
  • Won’t bleed through paper which makes them great highlighters for the thin paper found in textbooks, notebooks, or newspaper-print products.
  • 4 pack includes: Green, Yellow, Pink, and Orange


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